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I first started practicing yoga during graduate school, where it became a great outlet for me in dealing with a demanding schedule. Through regular practice, I learned the power of the mind/body connection and have found the ability to live a more balanced life.

My true passion in teaching lies with pregnant and new mothers. Through my work with pregnant women, I have gained an appreciation for the process of pregnancy, birth, and the beautiful connection between mothers and babies, as well as among the mothers who attend classes. Yoga is more than a physical practice, the community that is built is sometimes the most rewarding aspect.

I am a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher as well as a birth doula based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I have been teaching pre and perinatal yoga for over 10 years and trained as a birth doula in 2014. I teach expectant and new mothers on a regular basis and travel to train others how to support women during their childbearing years.

I also work with women and their birth partners to prepare for labor, delivery, and what to expect during their postnatal years.

I recently launched Share The Drop, the first commerce free app matching breast milk donors to recipients in real time, offering instant access to human milk for all infants.

Prior to opening a yoga studio, I worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an emphasis on dealing with issues of sexual assault and domestic violence. Serving women as they navigate the transitions in their lives has been a wonderful blessing to me.

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